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Welcome on the web pages of Common Written Walloon.


Technical concerns:

  Diasystems in Common Written Walloon.

Lexical ressources:

  Walloon explanatory on line dictionary.

  Walloon Wikipedia encyclopedia.

  English-walloonian and waloonian-english lexicon on computer language.

 English-walloon thematic vocabulary (taken from the WorldWideWalloons list).

 English presentation of the walloon locale for the GNU/Linux operating system.

Pedagogical ressources:

 On line walloon grammar, presented in french.

 Small walloon grammar, presented in walloon.

  Tables of conjugations.

  Learning walloon and dutch from english

  Teaching walloon to young schoolchildren already learning french.

Texts in Common Written Walloon:

 A sample of texts in Common Written Walloon.

Private pages available both in english and Common Walloon.

   The ring of expatriates Belgians.

   Abdel Ayoubi horseback riding club.

The Common Written Walloon Research Team.

 Back to our on line magazine "L'Aberteke"

 Presentation of walloon.